Mindfulness reminders for yourself, others, and the planet

Maria Eastman·

Arrange has reminders to schedule “me time”, to acknowledge the important dates for others, and ways to be more considerate of your environmental impact.

Talking about being mindful is one thing, but taking the steps to do it is another. So, we’ve rounded up a few plans that make being mindful of yourself, others, and the planet easier with weekly reminders. Keep reading to check them out.

The wedding next weekend, your dad’s birthday in 2 weeks, and all the little daily to-dos can make living in the present moment challenging. This exact reason is why the practice of mindfulness has become so popular. So what exactly is mindfulness? It is the act of consciously focusing your mind on the present moment without judgment and without attachment to the moment.  It can help us become more aware of what is going on for us internally and externally. We become more present with the “right now”.

Why be mindful? Mindfulness practices can help us to increase our ability to regulate emotions, and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.  It can also help us to focus our attention, as well as to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment.  As we become more present in our lives and in relation to others, it can help us to make better decisions, manage our emotions, and be more fully engaged in life.

🧘 30-day meditation block

Use this plan to carve out 15 mins a day to get some Headspace. Here's your reminder to meditate. If you're interested in guided meditation, Free+Good has a list of 5 free apps including Headspace that can help guide your practice.

have a quiet space ready to go
Making time for yourself takes planning.

🥰 "Me Time" 30-day block

Use this plan to block off time for a break or personal reflection. Renew this plan every 30 days for a consistent reminder.

If the weather allows, go for a walk! Here's a great playlist to put you in a good mood.

reselling clothing
Our 🌎 Shopping more sustainably provides easy tasks to limit your carbon footprint

🌎 Shopping more sustainably

Use this plan as a guide to making more sustainable choices in your home and life. Lex Keifhaber is the CEO of United by Zero, the world’s first curated marketplace of mission-driven brands.

In this plan, you’ll find mindful tasks such as: building a sustainable wardrobe, exploring brands with built-in resale programs, learning to read labels, and much more.

💡 Remembering a special occasion or anniversary

Use it plan to help you remember an important date or anniversary, whether it's happy or sad so that you can make plans ahead of time. This plan is meant to remember the anniversary of others.

With everyone's packed schedules, its easy to cancel time for yourself or forget about an important date. Arrange is here to help with automated calendar reminders to make it easier to remember, and show up for, yourself, your loved ones, and the planet.

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