Our step-by-step guide to throw a last minute (and labor-free) Labor Day event

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Image courtesy of VinePair
Image courtesy of VinePair

Follow Arrange’s Labor Day calendar plan of to-dos and reminders - no event planner needed!

You want to celebrate Labor Day with friends, but realize it’s only a few days away. Arrange has put together a last minute set of reminders to throw a labor-free Summer soiree. The event itself doesn’t need to be stressful with the right to-do list in your calendar.

Task #1: Create your guest list & invitations

Image courtesy of HobNob
Image courtesy of HobNob

Suggested calendar time block: 10-20 mins

If you have 10 mins: Text friends with the vitals like date, time, and BYOB needs using thematic emojis and fun GIFs.

If you have 20 mins: Invite apps have come a long way and it’s never been easier to plan an event from your phone. Free mobile apps like HobNob or Punchbowl will help you design thematic invites, send invites via email or text message, and easily track RSVPs. No more wasting time hunting down mailing addresses!

As for your party’s location, you can either host at your home or find a nearby park with public charcoal grills, depending on the size of your guest list.

Task #2: Plan your Labor Day menu

Hot dogs on a platter
Image courtesy of How Sweet Eats

Suggested calendar time block: 15-30 mins

If you have 15 mins: Keep your menu simple with unexpected twists, especially if you’re planning an event at a public space without a kitchen. We love hot dog bars for their versatility and ease. Set up the bar and let your guests enjoy at their leisure. Pick up a few different kinds of sausages like hot dogs, bratwurst, and chicken sausages and pair them with unexpected toppings. Think about combinations that combine texture with salty and sweet, like a buffalo dog with pickled celery, blue cheese, and wing sauce or a Mexican street corn dog with corn, queso fresco, guacamole and red onions.

If you have 30 mins: Keep the hot dog bar and add in a DIY sundae station including savory options like bacon pieces and childhood cereals as fun toppings.

How Sweet Eats has a full menu of options.

Task #3: Plan your Labor Day drink bar

Drink in a mug
Image courtesy of VinePair

Suggested calendar time block: 15-30 mins

If you have 15 mins: Similar to our food menu, the best Labor Day party bar is easy to manage for both you and your guests. Provide ingredients and recipes to make a few seasonal drinks that work as both virgin and spiked options. Lastly, don’t forget to offer water as a backup option.

If you have 30 mins: Take advantage of seasonal fruit by making red, white, and blue sangria using fresh strawberries and blueberries. You can sub out wine for sparkling lemonade to make it virgin. Or, combine fresh watermelon juice, basil, and vodka in a watermelon cooler.

Vinepair has compiled a list of tasty and easy cocktails from across the internet.

Task #4: Go shopping for food, drinks, and last minute items

Place setting
Courtesy of sophistiplate

Suggested calendar time block: 15-60 mins

If you have 15 mins: Order everything on Instacart or another mobile app to save you the commute and shopping time.

If you have 60 mins: Bring your shopping list from your menu and bar planning, plus the number of confirmed RSVPs from tasks 1, 2 and 3. Having a list of ingredients and quantities will make your actual shopping run a more efficient use of time. Pick up smaller quantities of red, white and blue solid plates, cups, and forks than what you’ll need. Mix them together to create an easy patriotic vibe. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, insect spray, and a few citronella candles to keep guests happy and bugs away.

Check out this Pinterest board to shop Labor Day decor ideas and take advantage of Amazon’s 1-day shipping.

Task #5: Check the weather & send your event reminder

Suggested calendar time block: 10 mins

If you have 10 mins: The day before the event, send an event reminder to your guests via your RSVP app that also includes anything you may want them to bring. Also, check the weather! Labor Day can bring unexpected showers or a heatwave. Plan accordingly if the party needs to be moved inside or pushed back to a cooler temperature.

Task #6: Enjoy the party and the final days of Summer!

Feel free to share this plan with friends and check back for more calendar reminders and event planning guides from Arrange as we move into the Holiday season.

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