How to merge your Google calendars to see work & personal to-do's

Maria Eastman·

Use these step-by-step directions to combine your work and personal calendars so that all of your tasks are in one place.

If you’re an avid user of the all-encompassing Google Calendar, then you probably have all your personal and official appointments, tracking of tasks, and list of to-dos between your work and personal calendars. And while we’re big believers in having all of your tasks in one place, having an all-in-one work and personal life calendar can be tricky. As we know all too well at Arrange, if it’s not (visible) on your calendar, it doesn’t exist!

So we’ve created a quick tutorial that explains how you can share your Google calendars between two different Google emails, whether that’s your personal & work emails, or family members.

Say you need to share your calendar with a co-worker, seems like a simple task, that is until you realize your doctor’s appointments, and life-event reminders are also on there. Not very professional, is it?

Luckily, Google Calendar makes it easy to share your calendar with others while also allowing you to set different degrees of access, too. Keep reading for a step-by-step calendar-sharing tutorial.

How To Share Your Google Calendar

If you want to see your personal Gmail calendar on your work Gmail calendar”, you simply need to follow some easy steps as detailed below.

Step 1: From the left panel, under My calendars, click on the “three dots” of the calendar you want to share.

Google calendar
Google calendars are easy to merge

Step 2: Click on the Settings and Sharing option.

Google calendar sharing module
Google makes it easy to choose with calendar and with whom you want to share

Step 3: Select “Share with specific people.”

Google calendar setting preferences
Setting and sharing is easy with Google calendar

Step 4: Select “Add People”, write in your personal or work email, whichever is the “other” account you’re sharing with,  and set the permissions.

Choosing whom you want to share the Google calendar with.
Choose which people, including your other email address, you want to share your calendar with.

Step 5: If you want to share your calendar with more people, click on the Add people button, and write down their email addresses. The email invitation with the link to your calendar will be sent to all the emails you list, and when you or others click on it, they can access your calendar.

Email invite option
You can also email other contacts your calendar for them to accept and add to their calendars

The one-stop solution for setting appointments, managing projects, identifying efficient time management, and a more collaborative approach with colleagues, family, and friends is your digital calendar.

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