Get back to school better with Arrange

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Arrange makes the planning, scheduling, and shopping for back-to-school easier and more organized.

Going back to school after the long summer is always a time of excitement. While your children may be overly excited or even a little bit worried about new teachers, new subjects, and meeting their friends, the days before starting school again are always busy and stressful for parents as well. Instead of rolling into the school year with a flimsy, disorganized, paper calendar stuck to your fridge, Arrange is also offering to digitize any school calendars to help keep you and your family organized.

Mother and daughter picking out new backpack
Arrange's back to school plans reminds you of the myriad to-do's parents and students need to complete before the first school bell rings.

Back To School Plans

You can ace back to school with the help of our plans. Simply join Arrange (for free!) and subscribe to our plans written to help parents plan for the shopping trips and admin work that come with the end of Summer. Once you subscribe to a plan, the plan’s tasks will automatically sync to your digital calendar. From them, you can customize the dates of the reminders/tasks to fit your child’s school schedule or your personal calendar. When the day and time comes to complete that task, you’ll see the reminder pop up on your computer or phone with the plan’s corresponding emoji.

It doesn’t get much easier than that! Here are some back-to-school plans to check out:

🎒Back to school prep

Prepare for the upcoming school year with helpful back-to-school reminders. You don't need to remember to shop for school supplies, fill out important paperwork, or schedule their annual check-up because our plan will do that for you.

✏️🛍Back to school shopping

A plan full of tips and tricks to optimize your time and dollars when back-to-school shopping for the kids? Say no more. Subscribe to this plan for helpful school shopping reminders.

🧣Kids’ Fall Wardrobe Refresh

Use this plan to switch the kids' wardrobe from Summer to Fall. Swap swimsuits for sweaters and skirts for pants with these helpful reminders and organization tips!

Child playing in fall leaves.
Get a jump on switching the kid's cold weather clothing to see what still fits and what needs an upgrade.

Digitize Your School Calendar with Arrange’s help

We know what traditional school calendars are like; A piece of paper or two with a long list of important dates. Hardly a useful calendar if you ask us.

Luckily, you can now automagically add your PDF school calendar to your Google calendar with our help! Whether it's the full academic year, a list of school events, or the PTA meeting schedule, we can create a custom school calendar for you that's useful, shareable, and of course, digital.

From back to school night to summer vacation, you'll have reminders for everything on the academic calendar. Plus, we'll add helpful reminders like Halloween costume prep and teacher appreciation reminders, so you can let yourself forget. And you can deem yourself the class hero when you send the shareable link to other parents, friends, and teachers.

How Arrange's School Calendar Program Works

File upload screen
Submitting a calendar to Arrange is as easy is as uploading a file

1. Upload

Whether it's a PDF, digital link, or newsletter, send us your existing calendar in whatever format you have.

Google calendar
Once your calendar is created, you can sync it to your personal Google calendar

2. Add to calendar

We'll be in touch via email once you submit your calendar.  After verifying your reminders are correct, simply add all of them to your Google calendar with one tap or click.

Arrange's sharing functionality
Be the class hero and share the calendar link with other parents

3. Share

We'll send you a link that's easy to share, so you can help other parents, too.

If you’re ready to digitize your kids’ school calendar, get started here.

Arrange was created to give you thoughtful reminders based on important dates and tasks in your life. And we know back-to-school season is just as important to parents as it is to kids. So, we’re doing all we can to make the transition from summer to school easier than ever.

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