Don't Forget Your Spring Wardrobe Reset

Maria Eastman·

With these 3 simple reminders, resetting your closet will  feel like a breeze. (Preferably a warm, spring one!)

It’s that time of the year again! The sun is stronger and staying out longer, so you’re digging through your closet to find your stash of warm-weather clothes. We’ve all been there.

As the seasons change, it’s easy for your closet to feel like a place of frustration. However, taking some time to organize your wardrobe can be a refreshing and stress-relieving start to spring. And besides all that, what’s more exciting putting away those heavy coats to make room for dresses and leather jackets?

With these 3 simple tasks, resetting your closet should feel like a breeze. (Preferably a warm, spring one!) These 3 tasks can be applied to your wardrobe, or to help you manage your kids’ spring duds as well.

Woman folding clothes
Fold your cold weather clothes and store them in airtight containers to preserve them.

Try it on!

First things first, you’re going to need to see what you already have available. So pull out those clothes from last spring and summer and try them on. Putting together outfits can also really help you see what possible options you have. Doing this can clarify what you might want to leave behind, and what purchases you need to make. While you’re at it, pack away your winter clothes in an organized manner and keep that order while re-hanging up your spring wear, too. Your future self will thank you! Amazon has some great storage options that will keep clothes in good shape during their offseason.

kids clothing on hangars
Shop for a few select pieces once you know what you're missing.

Take that shopping spree!

Been wanting to splurge at your favorite store lately? Since you went through what you already have, you’re more prepared to buy what you need and avoid making extra unnecessary purchases. It may help to make a list and budget before you head to the store or start browsing online so that your shopping experience can go as smoothly as possible! Want some new styles this Spring? Order a Stitch Fix box, curated by a stylist and customized to your personal style.

clothes on hangars
Organize your closet by letting go of anything you haven't worn in a year.

Let it go!

Chances are you’re going to find some clothes from last year that are so… last year. It can be difficult sometimes to get rid of old clothes, especially when you keep asking yourself “but what if I decide I like this again?” If you didn’t really wear it last year, if it doesn’t fit quite right anymore, or simply has been too worn out for your liking, it’s time to donate! Donating clothes is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to give something to your community- and it can clean your closet up quite a bit.

Arrange plans can help you remember to clean out your closet and welcome Spring

For a step by step guide with calendarized reminders, check out these plans by Arrange that can help you reset your and your family’s wardrobe plus help clean out your closet.

👗 Spring wardrobe refresh

🌱 Kids' spring wardrobe refresh

🏡 KonMari 8-week tidy challenge

We hope you found this Spring Wardrobe Reset guide, helpful! It’s a bit of a cliche, but spring really is a great time to reset and refresh many aspects of your life! You can find more spring plans on our site when you join Arrange!

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