Don't forget to have fun!

Maria Eastman·

Just because you have responsibilities doesn't mean you can’t make time to focus on yourself and the remind yourself to do the things you love.

We’re all familiar with the mundane to-do lists of day-to-day adult life. We have to remember to get our work done, pay bills, keep up with appointments, plan events, and do endless other things. Although Arrange is here to help you with all of that, we also want to make sure you’re making time to live life to the fullest.

Having fun things to look forward to on your calendar can make all the difference in how you’re living out your day-to-day. Subscribing to these 4 Arrange plans will help you prioritize fun and relaxation!

music festival
After 2 long years, live music is back! Take advantage this summer.

🎵 Attending a music festival

It’s been a long 2 years for all the music-festival goers out there. If you’re one of them, this plan is for you. Maybe your festival planning is a bit rusty or you’re looking to YOLO it for one more fest, so our Arrange plan is here to help. Music festivals are known for being a ton of fun, but they also require a lot of planning.

Taking the time to add these reminders to your calendar is important, because if you’re gonna go for it, you want to make sure you do it right!

Written by Whitney Woof, a music photographer who has attended nearly every major music festival in the U.S., Our 🎵 Attending a music festival

plan covers tasks like purchasing your tickets, setting up a meeting spot with your crew and our suggestions for the best supplies you should pack before you walk out the door.

map, passport and shades.
Nothing beats travel when it comes to R&R. Plan a getaway, even if it's just a weekend.

🧳 Planning a getaway

Feel trapped in the same routine? Sometimes even a quick getaway can make all the difference in feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Getting out of town can be a hassle, sometimes the little things you have to worry about before getting out of town can take away from the relaxation of your trip. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

From booking last-minute appointments to getting your clothes together, Arrange has got you covered on the things you need to do before vacation. Written by a travel expert and Arrange user, The 🧳 Planning a getaway plan includes reminders to book your flights early to get the best price and seats, as well as day of travel reminders like turning off the thermostat and remembering travel docs. That way - you can focus only on what you should be focusing on- vacationing!

woman in a hammock
Plan your beach getaway now so you can relax on the sand.

⛱️ Planning a beach vacation

Picture this- your face in the sun, your feet in the warm sand, and you're sipping on a strawberry daiquiri that’s just as strong as you want it. Now that’s a feeling you deserve. But enjoying the beach also means preparing for travel, making sure your swimsuit still fits, and getting a pedicure.

Though this may not be as simple as hopping in your car and going for it (although we support that and have a plan for it 🚙) we’re here to give you some insight on how to get to the beach as quickly and easily as possible. Plan the perfect seaside vacation using our Planning a beach vacation plan. Oh- and worry about remembering to pack the SPF, we’ll remind you!

Cozy corner with a book and tea.
"Fun" can also mean resting and relaxing. Carve out a few minutes each day for yourself.

🥰 "Me Time" 30 Day Block

Often, taking time for yourself is one of the more overlooked but most fun things you can do. Having fun doesn’t always mean going on vacation or attending a weekend-long music festival, it can also be mindfully checking in with yourself.

If you’re in need of some “me time,” but don’t know where to start, subscribe to our  🥰 "Me Time" 30 Day Block plan. Our plan sets 30 daily reminders on your calendar to just focus on yourself! This can be set to whatever time of day you want, so you can customize when “me time” works best for you. Imagine a month of spending a little bit of time every day dedicated to doing something you love, reflecting on yourself and your day, or just simply kicking back and relaxing. What’s more fun than that?

We see you working hard, so you don’t forget that you deserve to play hard too! Just because you have responsibilities doesn't mean you can’t take some time to focus on yourself and the things you love. If it’s on your calendar, there’s a much greater likelihood that you’ll make the time to do it. Arrange is here for whenever you’re ready to soak up all the fun adulting can bring!

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