3 Plans To Prepare For Summer

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With just a little preparation and reminders from Arrange, you can set yourself up now for a fun and productive summer.

The most anticipated season of the year is just around the corner. Not that you need to be reminded! Plan ahead now so you can enjoy it come June.

Summer is arguably the best season of the year, because of the warm weather, the plethora of outdoor activities, and (for kids) no school! Of course, this wonderfully sun-soaked season also means planning trips, reserving summer shares, and of course making sure the kids have summer activities squared away before April. With just a little preparation and help from us, Arrange, you can set yourself up for a fun and productive summer.

We know summer planning will look different for everyone. For the parents, summer planning means signing up for summer camps, sports teams, and filling their kids’ calendars months in advance. On the other hand, if you’re not a parent, summer planning may mean booking that beach house rental or planning a getaway to see your friends across the country. Maybe for you, it’s both!

It doesn’t matter what kind of summer you have on deck, planning is still required.

Luckily for you, these 3 summer plans from Arrange cover everything you need to remember to plan a stress-free and fun summer to come!

children at summer camp
Book camp spots early so your kids have a full schedule

☀️ Kids' summer break planning

This is a step-by-step guide to making sure your kids are occupied all summer long,  written by Isabel Long, an ad executive by day and mom to two young boys every minute of the day, This plan has everything you need to remember when planning your kids’ summer break, with reminders set far ahead enough so that you can still reserve the good classes and make sure every item of your child’s wardrobe is labeled.

Don't wait until the last minute to sign up for camps or classes! Subscribe to this plan and lock in those summer activities before they’re sitting at home with you.

Woman in hammock
Book your vacation reservations early so you can relax while you're there.

⛱️ Planning a beach vacation

What’s better than a beach vacation? A beach vacation that’s easy to plan! Our summer beach vacation plan includes everything from destination inspiration to reminding you to check your destination’s COVID protocol.

We also remind you to schedule personal care appointments (hello fake tan!) and make dinner reservations early in the planning process to snag the best times. Lastly, don’t forget to download your summer reading onto your kindle ahead of time - no need to wander the beach looking for wifi.

beachside home
According to VRBO, most July rentals are booked by March.

🩴 Booking a summer rental

According to The New York Times, by the end of March 2021, 90 percent of vacation homes on the East Coast listed on VRBO were booked for July. If that stressed you out, we’re sorry, but that’s also why using our summer rental plan is so necessary!

Our plan has everything you need to remember when booking a summer vacation rental, plus we provide our recommendations for what items you should bring with you, what should be purchased locally, what can be used at the rental. We also remind you of the not-fun-but-very-necessary steps to avoid headaches during your stay. Have you looked into rental insurance?  Subscribe to our plan today and get ahead of the game!

Summertime should be sweet, not stressful. But leave the burden of planning to us! Join Arrange today and make this summer one to remember.

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